Friday, December 10, 2004

The Missing Link

Turbo Tab is Up & Running ( & making cash-o-lah!)

I've been working on a program called Zeus the last month

the Program helps you Build a huge list of Reciprocal Links


simply Put, when 2 web sites trade links, they have a reciprocal Link

this Helps Build your Link Popularity in the search Engines

& also Gives you a Great Source of First, Second & third Generation Click Through Themed traffic
( which simply means, the Mega site ( A ) Is Linked to Smaller Site ( B), & My sites linked To site ( B), that would be second generation web traffic) making me Site ( C )

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btw, Only has One Link Right Now ( I Just Started Using Zeus)
But that one Link sold a copy of Turbo Tab Yesterday, & today some one Else Bought a copy from that One Link ( Imagine if we had 600 Reciprocal links, which we will Shortly!)

Down Load the Free Version of Zeus

Click Here to See My Arguement Why Arelis Can't compare to Zeus )

Couple of tips when Using Zeus

first off, Zeus is Not a magic TRICK you turn on, & you get instant traffic
its almost a full Time Job

For Free Zeus Tips go to

however the traffic it can bring you is amazing, it's well worth the effort you have to Put into learning & maintaining the program

Once you Train Zeus 100 Or More key words, you will start to Find sites that Fit your Web Sites themes, zues will gather all of that web Sites Information.

(Learn the Science behind google's Page Rank & Inbound-Links)

Zeus is a Very Powerful Web RoBot, He's No Diffrent than a Search Engine Spider
if you Train Him well, he will work very hard for you...

I Believe this is the Missing Link ( Pun Intended) to Creating a Cash Flow Generating Web Site

if you Would like to Post a comment or learn More about Zeus you can visit the Official discussion Board

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